that’s Shanghai

that’s Shanghai is Shanghai’s largest English-language magazine. Published monthly, it has a circulation of 50,000 and a page count of about 150.

I was editor-in-chief for a year and a half (20 issues) and oversaw pretty much everything: covers, cover stories, section plans, design, commissioning, writing, subediting and proofing. If you click on the thumbs below, it will load the cover stories I commissioned when I was editor. I managed a team of five (mostly inebriate) subeditors, three editorial assistants and dozens of freelancers. I also oversaw that’s Shanghai’s three offshoots — that’s Beijing, that’s Guangzhouthat’s Suzhou — was responsible for staffing, brand consistency, budgeting, general editorial direction and implemented a complete template redesign of all that’s titles, all the while battling humorless state censors.

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