NVR (short for news, views, reviews) was a general-interest news digest similar to the UK’s The Week magazine. It had a per-issue circulation of 40,000, was published fortnightly and had a page count of 40. It covered politics, health, science, sport, books, film, art, theatre, real estate, gadgets, travel, business and celebrity news. I was the founder and editor-in-chief. I managed an in-house team of five editors and one designer, and coordinated with freelancer writers, illustrators and photo agencies. The magazine ran for 40 issues over two years (2006-2007).


NVR Arnie

NVR Avian Flu

NVR Big Ben

NVR Bin Laden

NVR Bras

NVR Cowboy diplomacy

NVR Internet

NVR Dyslexics

NVR Japan

NVR Macao

NVR North Korea

NVR Mel Gibson

NVR Pakistan

NVR Palestine

NVR Pandas

NVR Piracy

NVR Putin

NVR Saffron Revolution

NVR Tom Cruise

NVR Too hot to ignore


NVR World Cup